Silent Diesel Generator Set

15 KVA Koel Green Diesel Generator

Ambal Green Power Enterprises, a India-based start up, is pleased to announce its launch of 15 KVA Koel Green Diesel Generator. The generators are designed, engineered and built in-house with the help of modern technology. These generators play an important role in remote areas where there are no proper electric grids.Koel Green Diesel Generator is easy to operate and maintain.

Eicher Diesel Generator Generator Set

Silent Diesel Engine Generator Set

The Ambal Green Power Silent Diesel Generator Sets produce no electricity, air pollution or noise pollution while operating. These are the only quiet diesel gensets available in the market. The sets deliver economical and continuous power to customers who are peacefully living far away from any kind of noise or electricity producing units or industries.provides the best & cost - efficient Solutions

40 KVA Koel Green Diesel Generator Generator Set

82.5 KVA Koel Green Diesel Generator

We have been importing Koel 82.5Kva Green Diesel Generators for the last several years and are pleased to inform you that we can now supply you with the same good quality generator at affordable price from our own stock of generators. If you are looking for reliable, durable and efficient diesel generator.We have a wide range of diesel generators for sale.